You’re pregnant!  For some this is exciting, for some this is scary- there is a lot going on in your body!  No matter how you experience it, a baby is getting bigger by the day.

Prenatals- I took New Chapter Perfect Prenatal, would highly recommend

Tummy Lotion- Burts Bees Mama Bee, stretch marks are thing, I applied this to my stomach once a day, and did not get them!  Comes in a lotion and an oil.B

Belly Armor Blanket– My friend told me about the blanket which is said to provide a shield for your womb from EMFs, or radiation from devices such as cell phones, laptops, ipads, etc.  I used it over my tummy any time I was using a device.

Tummy Support- Bella Band, this thing was an absolute lifesaver!!  When describing it to my friend, she asked if it was like a sports bra for your stomach, and that is exactly how I would describe it



Travel- Compression Socks.  If you are traveling on an airplane, no matter what the distance, you will definitely want to wear these to avoid swelling in your legs.

Books- I asked my OBGYN for recommended books, and the ACOG Your Pregnancy and Childbirth was the rec.  A good handbook and point of reference, but nothing I did not necessarily already know or had heard.  A friend recommended Expecting Better, and I thought it was a good quick read with good and real information.

Beauty Products- Be careful what you read on the internet!  Ban this, ban that.  Below are the products that I use pregnant or not pregnant, all are paraben FREE

Shampoo- Acure

Conditioner- Acure

Bodywash- Dr Bronners, Almond is my favorite!Burts Bees

Facewash- Dove Soap and Burts Bees Royal Jelly

Lotion- Burts Bees, I like Cocoa and Cupuacu Butter