If you are here, you are probably expecting or have a new baby!  Congratulations and welcome!

When I found out I was pregnant, I had absolutely no idea where to start.  I didn’t have an older sister, or even friends with babies, so I had no one to turn to for recommendations.  If you look around on the internet there is SO MUCH information.  After bouncing from site to site to site to site, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have all of this information in one place?

From pregnancy to year one for baby, this is a compilation of everything I found to be particularly useful and necessary.  I am on the “organic” side in the new mother world, which might not be for everybody, but I hope this guides expectant and new mothers to know what to buy, and not to buy!, and how these items can and will assist to ease the transition of pregnancy and new baby arrival.

Essentially a what-you-need-and-why-you-need-it guide.  It’s all in the BLOG section of the site.  Time to get started!


Disclaimer:  I use affiliate marketing, to help with the cost of maintaining this site.